Oct 032011

3rd October 1986

It was really boring today because Liz wasn’t in school!!! I think she has caught a cold!!! We had a French test today which I thought I was going to bad in but I think I did quite well!!! For R.S. we had to do some questions on Hindus!!! We had to write a letter as if we were Hindus visiting Bristol!!!!! My piano lesson went O.K. and so did the cleaning!!!! 7.30pm: Went to an Interview!!! After that I went on the electric organ with Matt!!!!!

Oh dear. Poor Liz. Get well soon!

Although I said it was boring at school today, looking back it seems to have actually been quite interesting. A French test that appeared to go quite well (that’s unheard of!) followed by putting myself in the place of a visiting Hindu. Very spiritual.

Nice to see that not only did my piano lesson go well but the cleaning did too. How I measure the quality of a cleaning I session I can’t tell you. Maybe its just a result that I didn’t  drink a bottle of bleach or end up in the hoover bag.

The “Interview” wasn’t for a job or anything but in fact the title of a crusader meeting. Yawn-a-rama. You don’t go to crusader meetings if you want to get any girly action I can tell you. I think I would have rather had some girly action, but another bash on the electric organ would have to do.

Apparently there was a total solar eclipse somewhere in the world today. Over the Atlantic Ocean so you probably missed it. To give you an idea of what you might have seen had you been a seagull at the time, here eveybody’s favourite astronomer Professor Brian Cox having a gander at one himself. A solar eclipse that is and not a seagull.

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