Oct 012011

1st October 1986

Liz really likes my big muscles now I’ve been using my “Super Strength builder!!!!” She thinks I might become the second Rambo!!!! After school was Paul’s R.W.S.!!!! I was going to wait for him but half an is a long time to wait for a nut!!!! At home I went on the electric organ!!!! I almost now know what all the buttons do!!!! I am feeling extra hard so I have put my “Super Strength builder” up 1 notch!!!!

Erm, me becoming the second Rambo eh? I somehow think not. I don’t have a partially paralysed face for a start. Although this has on occasion been known to happen after a heavy night out on the sauce.

That “Super Strength builder” is a great piece of kit. I must dig it out ‘cos I know I’ve still got it. I last saw it rotting in a corner of the loft covered in cobwebs and crystallised sweat. However, it probably doesn’t meet today’s stringent health & safety requirements and I would be arrested for being in possession of a dangerous weapon.

The electric organ again and associated buttons – is it happening to anybody else or is it just my twisted mind that keeps taking these quotes off elsewhere into the realms of smirks and fnars?

And yet another dig at Paul. Good job we’re bestest pals innit. And I knew “RWS’s” were on Wednesdays, they just happened to be on Monday’s too. (See 29th September 1986 and 26th September 1986 if you’re interested.)

If you didn’t manage to watch BBC 1 today just before the 9 o’clock news was about to start then here’s what you missed…

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