Sep 292011

29th September 1986

Had lunch with Liz again today!!! While I was walking back to the class room Paul started hurling insults at me!!!! He told me that someone had told him that I was rolling around on the grass with Liz!!!! I said it was not true and that I could have done if I wanted to any way!!!!! Paul has got and “R.W.S.” for Public Affairs on Wednesday!!!! My “R.W.S.” went quite well!!!! After that I went to the surgery to do the cleaning!!!!!

Blummy me & Paul have got some issues going on. Mainly girl type issues by the looks of it. Mates should never let a girl come between them. But reading this it looks it might do. Oh dear…

I thought “RWS’s” were on Wednesdays (I said I thought this last Friday) but they are clearly on Mondays. Just goes to show the effect they had on me. Not much. Maybe regular detentions were on Wednesdays? Oh, I don’t remember. Whatever!

Not really sure what this clip is about but it is relevant to today – albeit on the most tenuous of levels. Something to do with a sign off for a TV station in the states called WLKY that was broadcast today. Someone just happened to record on video. I wouldn’t actually bother watching it if I were you. Put the kettle on instead and make yourself a nice cup of tea.

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