Sep 282011

28th September 1986

We played the “Hornets” at Clifton today!! We won 56-0!!! After crusaders Matt came round and we saw “Revenge of the Ninja!!!!” Dad filmed me & Olly towing each other along on the bikes!!!! I look really great on Telly!!!!!

56-0, blummy that’s a bit of a trouncing. That “Hornets” lot must have been a bunch girls or something.

Yeah, I remember some nutty times when me & Olly used to drag each other along the road by a rope tied to our bikes. The one being towed – although that gives it a tone of being a partially professional procedure – it should most definitely be “dragged” – would lie on large flattened cardboard boxes placed on top of a skateboard and hold onto the rope which was attached to the back of the bike.

The one on the bike would then pedal down the road as fast as possible dragging the other one behind, all the while trying to avoid oncoming traffic. Thankfully at the time we lived in a cul-de-sac, but the 90° turn half way along added an extra dimension as we could never see round the bend. More importantly nor could anything coming the other way.

So Dad was filming his 2 little stunt-kids with this new toy in what was essentially a precursor to “Jackass” & “You’ve Been Framed“.

“Revenge of the Ninja”. One word. Pants…

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