Sep 262011

26th September 1986

Amazingly my chemistry homework didn’t take that long so I am not dead!!! Liz was really horrible to me at lunch time!!! She said to this boy that I fancied him!!! I was really annoyed with her and went down to tell him that it was bull, but he just came up to me, pinned me against the wall and kneed me in the balls!!!! I’ve never been in so much agony!!! The history homework I did on Wednesday morning has given me an “RWS” Dad has come home!!! Mum & Dad aren’t bothered with the “RWS!”

I have just had a traumatic flashback to the knee in the balls moment. Thanks Liz! 😉 I can now sympathise with Charlie James after my treatment of him as mentioned on 14th Jan.

And another dreaded “RWS” or “Returned Work Session”. Ooer! Basically a detention type senario where one has to hang around after school on a particular day (Wednesdays if I remember rightly?) and re-do the work that was initially considered sub-standard. Just like the French one I was issued with on 12th June which I subsequently managed to avoid on 16th June. So much for doing homework just before it’s due to be handed in. A lesson learned? Probably not!

Here are some adverts which were shown on Channel 4 today. Some of them vaguely ring a bell…

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