Sep 242011

24th September 1986

I didn’t finish my breakfast in time so I had my toast at school when I got there!!!! I had loads of homework to catch with, like French, History, and Craft!!!! During the lunch hour I decided to do my French & Craft!!! (I did my History in 1st break!!!) The French took about a minute but the Craft took hours!!! At the end of lunch hour I had only done 2 pages!!! Mr Shipway (the teacher) didn’t kill me, he just said finish it by next week!!!! 7.00pm: Did loads of Craft homework!!!!

The best way to avoid having to do homework at home is to do it 15-20 minutes before it’s due to be handed in. However, when you’ve got 3 pieces to be handed in on the same day that’s when the formula breaks down and it gets a bit tricky.

It’s that “Craft” homework again. Technical drawing innit – not potions & Warlock studies. That’s what put a spanner in the works ‘cos you need lots of space, really long rulers and special pens with weirdy tips. Maybe I shouldn’t have used a spanner.

You lot out there who have little people of your own need to know how to deal with homework related issues you can be prepared for the day they start to fail their exams, take drugs & self-harm… 🙂

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