Sep 202011

20th September 1986

After school we went to “Clevedon” and took the dog for a walk!!!! (By the way, while I was at school, Olly & Mum went to “Argos!!” Olly has bought some more weights and I (I paid mum back) bought a “Super Strength Builder!!!!”)

Clevedon’s nice, but Argos is better. Those catalogues! Every household had one and they used to have mystical properties whereby the reader would believe if they managed to save enough money and purchased an item then the future would be a wonderful place where anything was possible. Or was that just me? It certainly happened when I bought myself a Casio digital watch. Not only did it tell the time (in 12h or 24h) but it had a light, a stop watch and countdown on it. On that day I became more powerful than a god. That is until the battery ran out.

If you watch this old 80’s Argos ad and look closely at 0:10 you’ll see my Super Strength Builder in action. Blink & you’ll miss it though. And In case you’re wondering, no its not me in the yellow t-shirt with “EASY” written on it…

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