Sep 102011

10th September 1986

Not a lot interesting happened today!! About the only interesting thing that happened was that I swore that I saw Liz Nash looking at me at the end of lunch break!!!! Paul’s rather angry about it!! When I got home I had the bliss task of burning my Latin books!!! I looked in to the cinders and thought to myself “No more Latin forever!!!” After that I did my biology homework!!!! I spent the rest of the evening putting stickers all over my biology folder!!!!!

It is quite feasible that Liz Nash was looking at me at the end of lunch break today. I may well have had gravy all down my front or remnants of coleslaw round my chops. Just enough for someone to cast an inquisitive eye towards me.

Wow, I seem to be taking great pleasure in destroying my Latin books. I forget how much I detested it. “No more Latin forever” or rather, “non latina. perpetuum”. Something along those lines anyway.

There was something about trying to personalise your own folders & books and trying to instill ones own individuality onto them. Your own personal graffiti space. I seem to recall a craze of covering folders with stickers featuring¬†“Garbage Pail Kids“. Believe it or not they even made “Garbage Pail Kids” into a movie. How can you make a movie based on characters that appear on stickers? It looks like it could be one of the worse movies ever made. Really, really bad. Check out the trailer and decide for yourself…

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