Aug 292011

29th August 1986

Today went quite quickly!!! We had another day by the pool!!! After lunch me & Olly had nothing to do so we had a little walk!!! I felt like talking about girls but Olly knows as much about girls as I do Latin!!! 5.00pm: Said goodbye to John & Helina and went to the airport!!! I bought Matt & Paul some sweets!!!! The flight was good and we didn’t get home ’til about 12.15am!!! Jeremy was there to greet us (he looked after Topsy & the cats!!!) Topsy was really pleased to see us as she flattened us!!! 1.00am: Went to bed!!!!

Last day of holiday. Boo Hiss Boo!! 🙁 What better way to spend it than just chillin’ by the pool and talking with your brother about girls? Well, just chillin’ by the pool actually.

I don’t think I have ever seen John & Helina since. In fact I don’t even remember what they look like. It is possible I just made them up for the purpose of writing about them.

When I said the flight was good, I meant that the plane took off from the Tenerife airport without incident and landed safely at its destination without incident. In Tenerife 9 and a half years previously for a Pan AM flight & a KLM flight that wasn’t to be the case…

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