Aug 032011

3rd August 1986

I was going to go to a cricket match today with Matt, but it was raining!!! Instead I went with my mum & dad to my gran’s!! (Mum’s parents!!) We had a party a bit like the one on 15th June!!! 10.oopm: Watched some of the “American Football” ’til 11.00pm!!!

Hmmm, cricket or a party. Well unless there was going to be some guarunteed booze at the cricket match which was potentially possible but not all together probable then a party at the grandparents sounds good to me. Huzzah for the rain!!

The American Football used to be one of the new exciting programmes from the good ol’ US of A on the still relatively new Channel 4. When I say relatively new, I mean it had only been going for just under 4 years at this stage. There are loads of “oh-so hilarious” American Football clips in the Dire Straits video “The Walk of Life”. And baseball & basketball.

I used to love this video but you know I’d forgotten quite how much of a tit the overly wide mouthed Mark Knopfler looked in his headband, alongside his merry band of prancing pastel jacketed big haired chums…

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