Jul 312011

31st July 1986

When we got up (Dunno when) we went down to the shops!! We bought a couple of “Suns” and then went into a supermarket to buy some other stuff!! Olly showed his “page 3” to one of the video cameras!!! 12.00pm: We all went on some boats (Mitch’s and Mike Pearce’s (Mike bought one yesterday!)) and went on a trip!! We went to a place with a pub!! We had a pub lunch there!!! Matt has got sunburn on his legs!!! (Don’t know why though!!!) 9.20pm: Watched “Moonlighting” ’til 10.30pm!!! Going tomorrow!!!!!

I feel deeply ashamed that I actually purchased a copy of “The Sun” and I am truly sorry. It should have most definitely gone for a copy of The Guardian or The Telegraph instead. But they don’t have pictures of tits in them. And why we bought a couple of copies of the same paper is a beyond me. Maybe we just wanted to give Rupert Murdoch a helping hand although it does seem to have gone to his head a bit since.

I used to love watching “Moonlighting”. It was one of my favourite evening telly programmes. Back when a pre-Die Hard Bruce Willis still had all his hair. Marvellous stuff. Here’s a funny bit. Well I think its funny. You make think otherwise…

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