Jul 292011

29th July 1986

It was really brill today!!! We went to the beach as usual and some of my mum’s friends were there!! One of them brought a speed boat with them and we went on it!!! It was really ace ‘cos we were going about 35 miles per hour!!! The bloke who owned the boat (called “Mitch”) let us have a go on it!!! When we got home we watched some more “CG” and at 11.00pm we saw the “Max Headroom” show!!!!

Woo hoo!!! Speed boat! Speed boat! Speed boat! Well, 35 miles an hour of speed anyway. In a boat.

Of course “CG” means “Commonwealth Games” – I just couldn’t be arsed to write the complete words. Lazy bugger. LOL.

Max Headroom – Just sooo 1980s. You couldn’t get anymore 80s even if you shoved a Rubik’s cube up his artificially intelligent arse and made his square head wear deely bobbers. Here he is interviewing Simon Le Bon & Nick Rhodes from Arcadia while they were not being in Duran Duran…

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