Jul 282011

28th July 1986

As dad wasn’t here to wake us up we missed the “Bullwinkle and Rocky” show!!! My mum didn’t wake us up ’til about 10.30am!!! We just watched “The Commonwealth Games” all day ‘cos the weather was so bad!!! We’re trying to get friendly with a bloke who sells ice-cream in the village for various reasons!!! After some more “Commonwealth Games” we watched “War of the Worlds” which was really good!!!

Ahh, “The Bullwinkle & Rocky Show”, although I’m pretty sure it was actually “The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show”. Silly stuff on a school holiday morning. Splendid.

The 1986 Commonwealth Games were held in Edinburgh for the second time, the first being 1970 don’t cha know. Basically just a bunch of people getting together to run around a bit, jump about and throw things. A bit like the Olympics but without the Yanks.

Was this bloke in the village selling ice-cream for various reasons or were we trying to get friendly with him for various reasons? The only reason I can see getting friendly with someone who sells ice-cream is to get free ice-cream. What other reasons could there be? Did he perhaps offer to show us some cute puppies or some photographs of sweets? Either way I’ll just try and get the word “grooming” out of my head.

The original 1953 movie of “The War of The Worlds” was the one we watched, of course. A classic. Here’s the trailer…

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