Jul 162011

16th July 1986

Olly didn’t have school today for some reason!!! (He hasn’t got it tomorrow either!!!) So we went to my Granny & Grandad’s!! (My mum’s parents!!!) They’ve got a massive lawn so we asked if we could cut it with the small tractor!!! (Me & Olly asked if we could, not my mum as well!!!!!) We were allowed but we had to cough up 10p each for the fuel!!! I helped Olly with his job ‘cos we were late and I earned 40p!!!!

So hang on, me & Olly had to fork out cash to cut the lawn for my Grandad on his tractor mower? We were doing him a favour so he didn’t have to cut the lawn himself and we ended up paying for the privilege? How did we fall for that one?

At least by the end of the day after helping Olly out with “his job”, I was up by the massive amount of 30p. You could do a lot with 30p in 1986. Actually, no you couldn’t. It’s a pathetic amount of money.

Here’s a piece about the fastest lawnmower in the world. I imagine it uses a bit more than just 20p’s worth of fuel…

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