Jul 142011

14th July 1986

Got up at 10.30!!! I rang up Paul to invite him to come to the cinema. There wasn’t any answer!!! Then Ben came round with “Boomer”, his dog!! We took “Boomer” and “Topsy” for a walk!!! When we got back Paul rang me up!! He said that he had been to Neil’s house!! I told him to come straight round to go swimming with me & Ben!!! 5.30pm: After swimming Paul caught the bus home!!! We will go to the cinema tomorrow!!!!

The first proper day of the summer break ‘cos you can’t really count weekends. Taking the dogs for a walk & then going for a swim. Laaaverly.

Ben’s springer spaniel dog “Boomer” was so called because whenever he ran off he would always come back. That’s the dog of course & not Ben.

So, off to the cinema tomorrow.  Aren’t the summer holidays just fab? I wonder what film we’re gonna see.

It has been said that I do occasionally like to go off on a tangent, and what better way than to mention that Spongebob Squarepants was born today. Happy 25th Birthday Spongebob! You certainly don’t look your age. If you want proof, just check out his driver’s licence.

Spongebob Squarepants


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