Jul 082011

8th July 1986

10:45am: Skived ½ an hour’s maths and went to the bus stop!!! 11.00am: Arrived at Mrs Barrett’s and did some “last minute practice!!!” 11.30am: Went to the place and I heard other people being examined!!! 11.40am (approx) My turn!!!!! I goofed up a few scales but did O.K. on the rest!!! I think I passed…. I hope so!!! Even though the piano exam was bad at least I missed Latin and half of R.S.!!!! We break up on Friday!!!!

Ooh! Grade 3 piano test day…

I don’t remember the sounds of other people being examined but I image there would have been the odd scream & whimper followed by a “you could have at least warmed your hands before putting them down there”.

And missing Latin & a good chunk of R.S. too with only a few days before summer break – result!!

Had I decided to completely change my plans today and not been in England having a piano exam but rather decided to take a jolly to Austria to gawp at trains, this is what I might have seen. I had no idea there were so many different types of train in Central Europe. I am truly humbled.

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