Jul 072011

7th July 1986

Some people in my class are librarians and instead of doing any work they just sort out the school library!!!! After school I went to Mrs Barrett for my piano lesson!!! (The reason why I went today instead of going tomorrow was because I’ve got my piano exam tomorrow!!!) I’m not looking forward to it but at least I’ll miss Latin and R.S.!!! 8.30pm: Went round to Matt’s!! We talked about “Salcombe!!!” We are going on the 25th July!!

Yeah, these librarian lot spending loads of time in the library not doing any real work. Bunch of skivers the lot of them. It’s not if they even made the library themselves. And it’s cheating really ‘cos they absorb knowledge directly into their cerebral cortex just by being near a book without even needing to read it. And they’ve got the same status as deities what with their privileged access to the sacred photocopier.

Give them a book, a page number and 5p and they’ll glide off to a secret room, close the door and after sacrificing your loose change to the whirring light God soon return with a warm piece of A4 covered with an EXACT two tone clone of the page you were looking at. Magic! We’re not worthy oh mighty word cloners. But be warned, this is just the beginning. It’ll be sheep next and then people.

I imagine me & Matt’s “Salcombe Talk” mainly consisted of whether if we used our tackle effectively would we would be lucky enough to catch some local crabs?

Grade 3 piano test tomorrow. Blummy.

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