Jul 042011

4th July 1986

We have got an “Independence Day, USA” Party at 8.00pm and it is pouring with rain!!! After school, Paul said to me that he thought Elizabeth Nash was looking at him!!! Personally I think she does like him!!!! Kristin is in “5.2!!” (Boo! Double! Hoo!) 8.00pm: Got everything set up for the Party!! Me & Olly are selling the drinks!!! The party wasn’t that bad!! Olly spent £2.00 on some raffle tickets and didn’t win anything!! I Have got school tomorrow!!!!

An “Independence Day, USA” party? Well it is the 4th of July so any excuse for a piss up really. And the fact that it is raining – well I believe it has been known to rain in America so it’s not that bizarre. In fact I think saw a film once set in America and there was rain in that so there you go.

Not sure if me & Olly were supposed to be selling drinks at the party or whether we had a sudden flash entrepreneurial inspiration and decided to take advantage of a load of inebriated adults. If you snooze you lose. I’m sure there were licencing issues that were blatantly ignored that night.

And the fact that I think Elizabeth Nash likes Paul – well I’m the expert aren’t I?

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