Jul 012011

1st July 1986

Olly did have to go to school today!! I found out somehow today that Kristin is in the “A” band!!! (Boo! Hoo!) Which means she will not be in my class at all!! (Boo! Hoo! again!!) After school I went to my piano lesson!! (By the way, my Grade “3” piano exam is a week today!!!) I hope I pass it, and I expect I will!!! A kid called “Neil Holland” came round today!!! He is from my last school!!! Brings back memories!!!

So I found out – Somehow? Maybe someone told me or it was written in the tea leaves at the bottom of a cup? – that Kristin wasn’t a “B” band thicko like me. I really should have started taking the hint that maybe karma wasn’t on my side. Tee hee 😉

Grade “3” is the piano equivalent being able to put on a pair of shoes and tie your shoelace. If I can’t do that then I should be put in a home for people who can only wear slippers.

Neil Holland is a blast from a very distant past. I was junior school with him & Paul Veal. And even as a 13 year old I seem to be harking back to the good old days. Back when there were only 3 channels on telly and everything shut down after “Rainbow” at 12:30 for several hours until Children’s TV started again around 4pm. Oh, such happy, happy days…

This a child person doing a Grade 3 piano piece so aparently its meant to be cute or something…

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