Jun 302011

30th June 1986

Got up at 7.30am!! (Olly, the lucky poo hasn’t got school today!!!) (Nor has Matt for that matter!!!) I scored a couple of “4s” at cricket today!!! Paul even cored some runs as well!!! I will definitely do “athletics” instead of “cricket” next year because cricket isn’t getting me very fit!!! I went round to “Ben’s” after school to say Hello!!! After that I did my job instead of of Olly ‘cos it was easier for me to come round instead of him!

That last sentence doesn’t even make any sense. And besides, “doing my job after seeing Ben instead of Olly” is a such bizarre turn of phrase that all sorts of horrid nastiness springs to mind.

Many inverted commas today. Athletics. Hmmm. Well, running & jumping around a track would certainly make you less lardy than standing in a field wait for someone to hit a ball in your general direction with the hope that you might catch it before it lands on the ground. The only way to get fit at playing cricket is while batting.

That requires you to hit the said ball with a bat which has been thrown at you (the ball not the bat). If you manage to hit the ball with your bat you can then run between 2 sets of sticks until someone finds the ball and shouts “How’s about that then!”

Half  way through the year!!!! If you made it this far then you’re madder than I am.

This a clip from “Brookie” from today. I never watched it.

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