Jun 292011

29th June 1986

I was supposed to run a “Pop-corn” machine somewhere today but it brokedown!!! 3:00pm: Went to crusaders!!!! It was the one hundredth time  I had been there so the gave me an “Encyclopedia of the Bible!!!” They gave me a bible on my 50th Sunday!!!

That has got to be one of the most surreal entries I have written.

Is running a popcorn machine like running a bath, or marathon? And where was “somewhere”? Up a hill or in a brothel? And the fact that it broke down – did it just stop working or did it completely fall apart? Emotionally as well as physically.

Imagine a popcorn machine crying. Quite a sad thought. It could only ever produce the salty variety due to the inherant saline nature of tears.

Blimey it appears I’ve wasted a hell of a lot of Sundays over the past couple of years. My time would have been much better spent learning to become a popcorn machine repair man. Start ’em young & get ’em brainwashed & hooked! You’ll be glad to know that my 12 step recovery programme enabled me to detox my mind from such hogwash and I’m completely cured.

THIS is how you should make popcorn…

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