Jun 282011

28th June 1986

Got up at 12.oopm!! 2.oopm: Went to “The Midsummer Fair” (a fete!!) at B.G.S. My dad made me wear shorts and I felt a right wally as none of my friends were wearing any either!!!! I won a “Top of the Pops” book!!!!

After my 4.30am finish last night I’m not surprised that I slept in for a bit. And then off to another fete. Well, the “Bristol Grammar School Midsummer Fair” which is just posh for fete. It probably meant they could charge more for popcorn & Pimms. If it had just been an ordinary fete it would have been gravel & Moonshine.

Dunno what my problem with wearing shorts was all about. I’ve got a pair on now and I don’t feel in the slightest bit self conscious. It’s a fantastic opportunity for me to show off my hirsute shins. As it was then.

And a real result winning a TOTP book. It was either a raffle prize or for me coming first in the “best wally in a pair of shorts” competition.

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