Jun 272011

27th June 1986

I played cricket for crusaders today at 7.00pm with Matt, Olly, Paul and some other people!!! We played “Nailsea” and lost!!! We scored 56 for 8 and they scored 100 for 5!!! I caught 2 people out!!!! When we got home Mum & Dad were having a dinner party!! As I don’t have school tomorrow I was allowed to stay up for the party!! Olly went to be about 12.00am but I stayed up!! We played “5 card stud” and I lost £5!!! (I won it back though!!!!) 4.30am:Went to bed!!

When I said I “caught 2 people out” I didn’t mean I walked in on a couple rutting in the pavillion. That would have certainly made for a more interesting cricket match.

And my first proper introduction to playing poker. I don’t actually remember the rules of 5 card stud – I’m more of a Texas Hold ’em fan myself. After watching this clip of how to play 5 card stud I have come to the conclusion that we must have played a different game ‘cos non of it rings a bell at all.

Staying up ’til 4:30am too. Living the dream…

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