Jun 262011

26th June 1986

Paul is really lucky ‘cos Elizabeth Nash is in the “B” band so she might be in the same class as him!!! I might be in her class as well along with Paul!!! Kristin is probably in the “A” band so I probably won’t see much of her!!! Boo! Hoo!!!! Went to the swimming baths with Paul and there wasn’t any!!! I don’t think I’ll bother going next week!!!! 7.00pm: Went to the school play with Matt, Mum & Dad!! (Olly was somewhere else!!!) It was called “The creature creeps!!!!”

Yet another wasted trip to the swimming baths. I still don’t understand why I just didn’t go swimming anyway. How can there not be any swimming? I just don’t get it! At least next week I’ll make sure my time is better spent.

I really don’t remember anything about “The Creature Creeps” which makes me think it was probably a bit rubbish. Maybe I fell asleep. Either way I would have missed out on watching Top of The Pops unless I set the video. Luckily I can watch now ‘cos here it is again…

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