Jun 252011

25th June 1986

I think our Geography teacher has forgotten about the essay!!! Hardly anyone has done done it anyway!!!! After lunch, I followed Kristin and a girl called Susan Purdom back to the class rooms!!! Susan said to me that Kristin wanted to go out with me!!!! I was over the moon until Kristin said that she wouldn’t!!! Nelms has tried to ask Nash out again!!! After school I said to her that Nelms only wanted to go out with her to make Paul jealous!!! She though that was wicked!

Yeah, thanks a flipin’ bunch Susan flipin’ Purdom. You certainly know how to mess with a poor chap’s head!

And I’m still intent with causing trouble for Eddie. If my teenage love life is going down the pan then so can everybody else’s, right?!! Tee hee! Sorry Ed.

We can all look on the brightside though. At least it appears we have gotten away without having to do yesterday’s punishment essay for the Geography teacher. Be thankful for small mercies hey?

Only 6 months til Christmas! Better think about what to ask Santa for…

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