Jun 242011

24th June 1986

We have all been put into different “Bands” for next year!!! There’s the “A” Band for the brainy squares and the “B” Band for the thicko’s!!! I’m in the “B” Band!!! (so is Paul!!!) We were shouting our heads off about the Bands we were put in just before “Geography” and our teacher came in and gave us an essay on something about manners!!! Nelms has asked Liz Nash out!!! I’m not sure what she said but I persuaded her to say no for Paul’s sake!!!!

So, its official; I’m a “thicko”. You can actually get a heads up on this by my use of the apostrophe in “thicko’s”. It’s nice also that I confirmed Paul as a fellow thicko almost immediately after my own revelation so he wouldn’t feel left out. 🙂

You’d have thought it would have been more appropriate if our Geography teacher (Mr Cox perhaps? Oh, I dunno) had given us an essay on “The dangers of shouting your head off before a Geography lesson” instead of “something about manners”. Were we being rude by not asking him to join in perhaps? Come with us Coxy. Join us. Shout your head off with us. Free yourself from the constraints of weather systems and oxbow lakes. Be one with us in wanton frenzied shouty abandon…

Not content with twatting Eddie on the nose yesterday, I now appear to be stirring things up for him as far as the ladies are concerned. I don’t remember what I said to Liz but it was probably something like “Don’t go out with that Eddie Nelms chap. He now has lycanthropic tendancies what with that full moon incident t’other night. Stay off the moor why don’t you…” And all for Paul’s sake. I’m such a great friend sometimes.

Yeeeees. Here’s INXS being interviewed backstage at the Royal Albert Hall today…

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