Jun 162011

16th June 1986

Because it is so hot nowadays  we have got this thing called “Shirt sleeve order!!!!!!!” Which means we can take off our blazers and ties!! In French I had my re-test!! I did well and got 22 out of 25 which is something like 84%!! So no “RWS!!!!” Paul has told “Edward Nelms” (A stupid mental from his class) about Kristin!! EN is liable to tell everybody!! He might tell Kristin!! I want her to know about me but not like this!!!!!

This being hot “nowadays” (or “nowerdays” depending on your chosen letters) is more commonly known as “Summertime” and usually happens this time of the year for a couple of months or so except when it gets frackin’ cold and pisses down with rain. “Shirt sleeve order” was just a posh name for showing everybody how sweaty your pits were.

Well my French may have improved but my Maths seems to have gone down the pan as 22 out of 25 is not something like 84% at all. It’s not even close. It’s more like 88%. In fact it is 88%. Exactly. I despair.

This “stupid mental” from Paul’s class called “Edward Nelms” just happens to be one of my closest friends now. In fact I probably keep in touch with him more than anybody else from this time. Whoda thunk it? I really appear to have a bee in my bonnet about him here at the moment. Tee hee.

You see I’m not the only one who’s had a bad maths day…

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  1. …A stupid mental…love it. Did you go on to write The Office?

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