Jun 152011

15th June 1986

Forgot to write that I got 43% in Latin!! 1.30pm: Went to Granny & Grandad’s (Mum’s parents!) to see all my cousins and 2nd cousins!! They’re having a party and have invited all our relatives around!!!! When we got back home I had a shower and watched “Poltergeist” again!!

43% for Latin. And that’s mainly because I at least managed to spell my name correctly on the front page.

A massive family get together. They’re always good for a laugh provided there’s enough booze flowing. And I think I’ve gained several more cousins since then to add to the list. Must have been raining during the proceedings hence me having a shower when I got home.

Poltergeist really was a blumin’ good movie. It’s no wonder I watched it again. Here’s the trailer. They’re Heeere…

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