Jun 122011

12th June 1986

Got my music result today!! I got 84%!!! So now my average is 57.6%!!! I got an “RWS” for French today!! (Returned Work Session!!) I didn’t do too well in a French test so that’s how I got it!! One of the “Charlie’s”, (the thick one) was crying ‘cos he got one as well!! The teacher said he could have a re-test instead!! Me and some other “RWS”ers are going to ask teach the same!!! Paul put some cash in the machine at the swimming baths ‘cos he wanted some “Chewits”, but I pressed another button and he got crisps!!

Well blummy! 84% for music. Woo hoo! Who da man? Go me! Etc…

A dreaded “RWS” for French. A punishment for being rubbish with the status a bit less than a detention. It’s enough to bring anyone to tears. Well, just Charlie actually. And when I said “the thick one” (a bit pot/kettle & so frackin’ rude! – sorry Charlie!) I meant the one who would later become a respected leading world authority on otters & kingfishers.

And once again I reprise my role as bastard best friend by depriving Paul of his desired choice of post swim snack. But as we all well know I was actually doing him a favour by ensuring he wasn’t exposed to the now well documented carcinogenic properties of Chewits. (See 24th February 1986).

Here’s Charlie singing and talking to his dog whilst in a hide from the Halcyon River Diaries DVD. As you can see, he’s not thick at all, just a bit of a mentalist.

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