Jun 062011

6th June 1986

My Mum took us into school today! We had Physics and R.S. today! I don’t think I did too badly in Physics (I missed a few questions out) but in R.S. I missed a bit more than a few questions out!!! We haven’t got a French Exam because we have these little tests every now and again called “Unit Tests!!” Our grade is taken from the average percentage of all the tests!! Ben is coming round to stay the night!!!!

Blummy, returning to this Exam Week has really made shudder a few times at thought of it. So glad I don’t have to sit down and stare at a blank piece of paper for 3 hours any more hoping the words will magically materialise in front of my eyes. I just stare at a computer screen instead.

Who needs exams anyhow? I get offered a Bachelor of Arts degrees and PhDs on an almost daily basis or I can just go to eBay and print one off for a few quid.

If only exams had been less stressful and more fun generally like for this lot…

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