Jun 052011

5th June 1986

7.55am: Mum opened all her birthday presents with us!! Her present from me was a big bottle of “Badedas!!” I bought it a few weeks ago and forgot to write about!!!! Dad’s present was 2 days to “Jersey!!” Mum was really happy with all her presents!! Mum & Dad are going to “Jersey” tomorrow and will be back on Sunday!!! That’s why granny and grandad are staying here for a while, so they can look after us!! Dad set us all up!! Just had a Maths Exam today!!!!

Happy 39th Birthday Mum!! My prediction on 18th April about getting Mum the Badedas for her birthday was correct. I swear I didn’t look this far ahead at the time to check – it was just an inkling!

So, gran & grandad’s visit wasn’t a random case of a couple of old people turning up somewhere vaguely familiar in a bewildered state. It was a carefully choreographed¬† ruse so that Mum & Dad could have a few day peace & quiet in Jersey. I wonder if they bumped into John Nettles. Mum & Dad that is, not the gradparents.

I think my Maths Exam probably went OK. I had quite a logical brain believe it or not.

This is possibly the reason why Mum used to like Badedas so much…

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