Jun 042011

4th June 1986

I did absolute “Bull” in my History Exam, but Chemistry….I did extra well!! I answered every single question (correctly, I hope!!) I went straight round to the surgery to do the cleaning after school!! Dad wasn’t that pleased about the History but he was about the Chemistry!! When we got home my gran and grandad were there (Dad’s parents!) They gave me & Olly a photo album each!! They’re staying ’til Monday!! Mum’s Birthday tomorrow!!

I presume it had been arranged that gran & grandad were staying with us and they hadn’t just randomly turned up out of the blue after getting lost while popping out for a pint of milk and a packet of Golden Virginia. It’s quite a trek from Saffron Walden (or Suffering Boredom as my Dad used to call it) to Bristol. No Sat Nav either. I think they may have even used one of those old school road atlas thingies.

It’s no surprise that I appear to have balls’d up my History exam. It was never one of my strongest subjects. It’s a shame we didn’t have “Horrible Histories” on telly back in the olden days – I’m sure I would have done a lot better.

This is just brilliant. OK kids, sing along – “I’d drink from their skull” – “‘Do the Pachacuti!” – “Pull out their teeth whole” – “Do the Pachacuti!“…

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