Jun 032011

3rd June 1986

Had Geography and Latin today!! Yuk!! The Geography Exam wasn’t too bad but the Latin Exam, Double Yuk! Yuk!! It was horrible!! Especially the translating bit at the end which took up 40% of the marks!! I didn’t do too well in that!! School didn’t end ’til 3.20pm (‘cos of the exams!!) so I was late for my piano lesson!! I was in such a hurry that I forgot my Chemistry and History books to revise from!! Dad went mad so he made me go round to Paul’s to revise from his books!!!!

What a tit. How can you forget books for an exam that you’ve got the next day? Muppet. And so Paul was lumbered with me for the evening poor chap. I’m sure he would have much preferred to revise on his own without me getting in his way and distracting him with tales of my Latin translation trauma or the fact I knew the difference between a “V” shaped valley and a “U” shaped valley.

On a happy note, tennis superstar Rafael “Rafa” Nadal Parera was born today. Happy 25th Birthday Rafa! You wouldn’t let a poorly hurty ankle get in the way of greatness would you?

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