Jun 022011

2nd June 1986

English was our first exam!!! It was quite easy though!! Last year’s English exam was wicked, we had all this punctuation, metaphores and similies to worry about and I got 15% for it!!!!!! This year was easy, just a comprehension and an essay!!!! (Still took ages!) After a break we had Biology!! This wasn’t so easy!! I missed a few questions out but I think I did well!!! After that we had games!! We played cricket!! I got 2 people out, caught one & bowled one!!

Exams week. Oh dear. Looks like I was a bit of a thickie last year whereas now I appear to have evolved into an absolute genius. Maybe the reason I only got 15% in the English exam last year was because of an over zealous use of exclamation marks!!!!! Just a thought. And all those similies to worry about 🙂 🙂 🙂 OK I know – they’re smilies. Somebody stop me.

And I seem to think that I did well in the Biology exam even though I missed a few questions out? How does that work? Unless of course the questions I missed out were “What is your name?” and “Are you going to stick 2 pencils up your nose and headbutt the desk?”

I also appear to have suddenly become quite good at cricket. Don’t worry, I can assure you it doesn’t last.

This is a bit of a giggle.

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