May 212011

21st May 1986

Did some revising after school today!! I did an hour’s work on “Geography!!” After that I went round to Paul’s for ½ an hour!! He hasn’t told his mum about his det so I said that I would! He begged me not to so I didn’t!! When I got back from Paul’s I did some “R.S.” revising!! It was getting really boring so I had a flick through my “Mayfair” to cheer me up!!!!!! My exams are on a week Monday!!! I need someone to love me!! (Kristin!!!!)

Ooh, revising for exams. What fun. All we really needed to know in Geography was how an oxbow lake is made. I imagine that all revising for Geography consists of these days is logging on to Google Maps and typing in your post code.

“R.S.” was short for “Religious Studies” and was particularly dull. When it’s a choice between brushing up on “Morals & Ethics” or looking at pictures of naked ladies then of course gawping at norks win hands down.

And you didn’t need someone to love you Matthew, you just needed to scoff a load of 70% cocoa dark chocolate. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine which releases dopamine in the brain creating a similar sensation to love but without the associated stress on the emotions or the wallet.

With regards to revision tips, if only I’d taken the advice from these chaps…

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