May 172011

17th May 1986

7.00am: Got up, Fed the dog, had breakfast, went to school!!! (Yuk!! Yuk!! Double Yuk!!) 8:45pm: The dog nearly bit my hand off and left a wickedly big scratch on it!!! 10.00pm: Had a bath then went to bed!!!!!!! Matt’s back from France!!

Unclear whether I was “Double Yukking” at getting up, feeding the dog, having breakfast, going to school or a combination of all 4. Probably the getting up and going to school bit. Always nice to see the dog in the morning so it probably wasn’t that and I don’t recall having an eating disorder so I was probably wasn’t the concept of breakfast either.

The dog may well have disapproved of her breakfast, no doubt preferring a thick slab of steak, which may explain why she tried to eat my hand later that evening.

And that’s the 2nd bath I’ve had this week! I must have been cleanest sweetest smelling teenager in Britain. Or perhaps not.

Again something a bit random but still related to today for your viewing delight. This is “Sweet” performing on Australian TV show “Hey Hey It’s Saturday” which was broadcast today. I can’t believe for a minute that this lot didn’t watch “This is Spinal Tap” earlier in the week and thought “Shall we? Yeah, why not?”. The keyboard player’s spandex leggings are just a little too tight for a Saturday morning kid’s show don’t you think? Or is this normal in Australia?

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