May 152011

15th May 1986

I am going to make some weights out of a “coke can” some small stones and some plaster of Paris!!! How? I hear you ask!!! You put the stones and the p of P in the coke can and leave it to dry!!! I did that and it took me ages!! (I missed “Dungeons & Dragons” too!!!) When I tested the weights out (they weren’t very heavy) a stone pierced through the can, so I just tore it up and threw it away!! Delivered some more of those leaflets after my supper!! (A “curry!!”)

Hmmm, I can see some major flaws in this “making some weights out of a coke can” idea:-

  1. Tiny stones and plaster of Paris even when combined do not weigh very much.
  2. A coke can isn’t really that big and so won’t hold many small stones or plaster of Paris.
  3. It’s a stupid idea.

Why it took ages I can’t tell you. It does seem like a fairly straight forward process albeit a futile one.

I imagine it didn’t rain when I delivered the leaflets today otherwise I would have no doubt mentioned it and probably had another bath.

Here’s part of episode of “Dungeons & Dragons”. I used to love this show, although looking back it’s actually a bit rubbish and overly moralistic. I think I actually used to fancy the girl with the freckles and the cloak. Is it weird to fancy a cartoon character?

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