May 072011

7th May 1986

I had some Maths and R.S. homework today!!! It was really boring!!! I also had some Latin but that’s not worth doing because it’s a dead language!!!!!!!! After all that I went round to Matt’s!!! He was watching the football so i joined him!!! At 9.00pm I packed my lunch for a History trip tomorrow!!!! 9.35pm: Watched “Q.E.D.”!! It was all about this body being found in a peat bog!! (It was called “The Body in the bog“!!!!)

Very vitriolic with regards to the subject of Latin. No suprise really.

I can’t believe I actually sat down and watched a game of of football at Matt’s. I think I perhaps tried to like it because that’s what boys are meant to do isn’t it. Give me a science documentary instead anyday. Much more interesting than kicky ball thing.

I think they named the chap they found in the bog “Pete Marsh”. Anthropologist’s humour there. Very good.

I couldn’t find a clip from this episode of QED but I did find this trailer for a funny scary horror movie called “Bog Bodies”. It has Vinnie Jones in it who probably plays some hard nut of some kind.

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