May 022011

2nd May 1986

It wasn’t “Triple or Double Ace” after school today!!! Kristin didn’t catch the bus!!! Instead she went down a different road!!! Me & Paul tried to follow her but she was too quick for us!!!!! She passed the shopping centre then she was no where to be seen!!!! I looked up the road to see if I could see her but I couldn’t!!!! I’m a Hell goer for sure now!!! When I got home I swore on the bible that I would ask her out by next Friday!!! Dad has given me & Olly £5 each from the computer!

Hmmm, yeah, well, ok. That could have possibly gone a bit better. It wasn’t that she was too quick Matthew it was you that were too slow. And besides, following a girl up the road after school with a friend is just a little bit creepy don’t you think? Not the fastest way to a girl’s heart. Had it crossed your mind that Kris may have spotted you and thought “Who’s this nut job following me? I’ll just pop into Boots until he’s gone.”?

And another thing – throw that frakin’ bible away. It really won’t do any good. It’ll just mess with your head. Be nice to people that’s what really matters. Everybody. Except for complete arseholes of course. You can be nasty to them.

So, go and take your fiver from selling the bust Specci and put it towards something useful like a faster pair of shoes. You’ve got another week!

On a completely different bit of randomness here’s the first ever Dance Chart on The Chart Show from today. Apparently. You can’t believe everything you read on the web.

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