Apr 302011

30th April 1986

It was really good this evening!! Me, Euan and Matt went to Clifton for the “Presentation!!” (When all the players get shields and things!) We also got some Grub (but that was only a hot-dog and a pack of 5p crisps) We had to get tickets for them and I found an extra one on the floor. I gave half the hot-dog and the crisps to Euan!!! Everyone got a “team-photo” but the under 13s (Me) got a shield as well! (Only a small one!!!)

Whoopie frakin’ do. I acquired a team photo and a shield for occasionally watching other people play rugby. I think I was more interested in the free hot dogs and 5p crisps. And finding an extra ticket – result! I sometimes still have the same luck at beer festivals that use the ticket system. Keep that one to yourself though – we don’t want too many people finding extra tickets or everyone will be at it!

I dread to think what the 5p crisps were made of. Probably just food colouring and that stuff they put into boxes to stop things breaking. Terrible aftertaste I seem to remember too with bits sticking between your teeth and turning your mouth orange. I imagine they are now banned for health & safety reasons and not actually being crisps.

Have you ever wondered how crisps are made? It’s something that has plagued my brain my whole life on an almost daily basis. Thankfully I found this clip and as a result my mind is at rest and I can now utilise my thoughts into something more useful like wondering how fizzy water is made. How do they get so many bubbles in each bottle? It must take them ages. 😉

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  1. Do you think you were a sniffer dog in a previous life?

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