Apr 292011

29th April 1986

Got the Latin back which Dad did last Wednesday!!! I got (or rather my Dad did!!!) 33 out of 40 for it which is 82.5%!!!! After I did my boring homework, I went round to Matt’s!!! He wanted me to introduce “her” to him but I tried to explain that I hardly new her myself!!! “Topsy” came into the “TV” room while we were watching “Kenny Everett!!” She went wild but eventually she calmed down when I went to bed!

My Latin may suck but there’s nothing wrong with my maths – 82.5% is indeed 33 out of 40 and vice versa! Well done Matthew.

By the way, the “TV” room wasn’t a special room dedicated to dressing up in women’s clothes and mervelling at Kenny’s latest outfit. I don’t know why I used “inverted commas” for “TV” or “Kenny Everett” for that matter. It gives the impression that perhaps Kenny was round for tea and while comparing hemlines we were rampaged by a crazed golden retriever. Alas it was not the case.

Hooray! Another Kenny clip. There’s definitely something to cater for everyone’s taste here. Marvellous stuff.

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