Apr 282011

28th April 1986

It was “Triple Ace” after school today!!!!!! I was on the Bus with Paul and a kid called Andrew Peffers! (Who’s in Crispy’s class!!!!) Andrew said that Crispy’s real name was “Kristin Perriam!!!!” I’m going to ask her out on Friday after school!!! I hope she says yes but I don’t know what to do if she does! After I’d done my homework I went round to Matt’s!! He thought “Kristin” was a boy’s name!!!! (Olly’s doing the cleaning for 4 weeks now!!!!)

Well there you have it. “Crispy” has a real name. What’s in a name? I was pretty close actually – I’d already got 3 letters correct and in the right order too. 🙂 I think I remember wanting to give Matt a good slap for thinking that Kristin was a boy’s name. I wonder how Friday will go?

Andrew Peffers, if I remember rightly, used to got to my junior school too. Possibly. I have recollections of him hobbling round with one of his feet in plaster after he inadvertantly skewered it with a large fork in a bizarre gardening accident. I could be wrong – just one of those random bits of memory that surfaces when you see a name written down or whiff a bit of stink.

Here’s a random bit of funny to do with girl’s names innit. I really am struggling for relevant amusing clips to keep you wanting more. Only 8 months to go! 😉

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