Apr 272011

27th Apr 1986

I didn’t play at Clifton today!! Matt and Euan did!! I wanted to play ‘cos it was the last match!!! When the game finished we had “Shandy” and everyone called me “The man of the match!!!” When we got home, Olly showed me a pack of “Fags” which he bought!!

Man of the match? That’s just taking the piss. Another wasted Sunday morning when I could have stayed in bed or watched cartoons or both.

I wonder if Olly’s fags were Marlboroughs, John Player Special or Silk Cut? Which every brand there were I bet they were really cool. Just say no kids!

I seem to remember they showed this anti-smoking ad 3 times when one of the Superman movies was on telly. Never say Yes to a cigarette!! Have several large shandies instead!

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