Apr 252011

25th Apr 1986

We are not doing “Woodwork” any more, instead we are doing “Technical Drawing!!!” It’s OK but not as good as “Woodwork!!” Next week I think we’ll be finishing off our boxes (They are not finished yet ‘cos the teacher hasn’t got any hinges yet!!) If this is true, in 2 weeks time we’ll be back on “Technical Drawing!!” 7.30pm: Went to a “Crusader” meeting with Matt & Olly. It was pretty good!! Got 1 week to decide whether to rot in Hell or not!!!!

I’m not really sure what I’m getting at with the difference between “Woodwork” & “Technical Drawing”. I know they both came under the “Craft, Design & Technology” or “CDT” umbrella. Basically if I remember rightly, “Technical Drawing” was drawing stuff on big bits of paper with straight lines ‘n’ curves ‘n’ shit using special rulers and special pens with special ink. “Woodwork” was making what you drew on the aforementioned bit of paper out of wood ‘n’ glue ‘n’ nails ‘n’ shit. ie a box.

Ah that’s it! I remember now. We were spilt up into 2 groups so that one group would draw boxes & the other group would saw up wood. After 2 weeks we would swap over. If you hadn’t finished drawing your box after the 2 weeks was up it was highly likely your finished assembled box would stay looking like a plank of wood no matter how  many times you hit it with a hammer or much glue or nails you used.

When I said the Crusader meeting was pretty good what I meant to say was it was a waste of an evening and my time would have been much better spent scratching my arse.

Hmmm, to rot in Hell or not to rot in Hell? Hell or not? That is the question. Tune in for the next exciting episode… blah blah blah…

Found this on YouTube about today’s broadcast of The Chart Show. Not that interesting really but hey.

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