Apr 242011

24th Apr 1986

It was really ace after swimming today!!! Paul wanted to get some “Cheese & Onion” crisps from the machine, but I pressed another button so he got “Prawn Cocktail” flavour instead!!!!! He said he didn’t like them and I had to pay him back but he was lying and ate them on the way back to the bus stop!!!!! 7.00pm: Watched “Top of the Pops“. 8.00pm: Watched “Tomorrow’s World“. 8.30pm: Watched “A Question of Sport“. 10.00pm: Wrote diary!! 10.30pm: Went to bed!!!!

Am I a complete bastard or what? I seem to relish in potentially ruining Paul’s crisp eating experience. Admittedly Cheese & Onion crisps are the worst flavour ever – I was probably just protecting Paul from infecting his mouth with a snack designed to smell like crunchy sick. Prawn Cocktail crisps are much nicer but they don’t really taste of prawn though do they? More like salty Mary Rose sauce or is it Thousand Island dressing? What is the difference between Mary Rose sauce and Thousand Island dressing anyway? Is it that one uses salad cream instead of mayonnaise or vice versa? Another one of life’s mysteries. Answers on a post card please, I really can’t be bothered to look it up myself.

A packed evening of quality telly. Looks like “A Question of Sport” is the only programme that is still going strong 25 years on. In 1986 it would have been presented by David Coleman with team captains Emlyn HughesBill Beaumont. My sporting knowledge was and still is negligible so I never got any of the answers right.

“Tomorrow’s World” was always good fun – for geeks anyway. And who would want to miss out on marvelling at Maggie Philbin’s big hair? Here is a piece on the world’s first “digital camera”. Not sure it’ll catch on…

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