Apr 162011

16th April 1986

Got up at 7.00am today and fed the dog and cats again!!! (I will probably be doing it all this week and Olly will take over next week!!!!) Olly has hidden some bars of chocolate (which I got from Froggy Land) somewhere! He’s hidden them ‘cos I have hidden his water pistol!!! I’ve hidden that ‘cos he keeps on squirting me with it!! 7.10pm: Rang up Paul to see if swimming was on! He didn’t know!

I seem a little perturbed that our pets might need breakfast everyday and not perhaps just once a week. Its the fact I managed to get up at 7am 2 days in a row that amazes me. I wonder if I fed the dog a Weetabix again or whether I had weaned her onto Sugar Puffs or Coco Pops?

I don’t recall purchasing any chocolate bars from an amphibian themed fun park? What else could “Froggy Land” be? 😉

All this talk of chocolate, breakfast cereals & feeding pets is making me hungry. PAL with marrowbone anyone?

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