Apr 092011

9th April 1986

We went to “Versailles” today and it was “Bloody” freezing!!! (We got some breakfast today!!!!) The wind was wickedly cold and I think I’m getting a cold! After a really pukey lunch we went to a place called “Pompidou!” That was extra double boring. After that we went to the “Metro” and caught a train to “The Wax Works!” Some of us got lost so we caught the train back again!! (I am ill, I’ve got a really sore throat!!!)

The School Trip to France. Day 3.

Oh dear, I don’t seem to have enjoyed the majestic splendour of the Palace of Versailles or Europe’s largest museum for modern art. Shame really because I’m well into that sort of thing these days. Probably not helped by me coming down with the lurgy.

Also today, the TV series “Dallas” announced it would revive Bobby Ewing’s character after he was killed when he was run over by a car driven by his sister-in-law, Katherine Wentworth. Never watched it myself so I wasn’t bothered either way.

Here’s some info about the Pompidou Centre if you like.

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