Apr 082011

8th April 1986

‘Cos of the riot last night me & Wayne didn’t get up ’til 8:11 so we missed our breakfast!!!! 9.00am: Got on the coach and went to “Paris“. We went up the “Eiffel Tower” (Well, most of us did!!) but I only went up to the second level ‘cos I’m scared of heights!!! When I got back to solid ground (I was pleased to do so) there were all these black people who tried to sell things not worth anything!!! (They were really “Pick Pockets!!!”)

The School Trip to France. Day 2.

I love Paris in the springtime. That Eiffel Tower is pretty big isn’t it? Yeah, massive. Apparently it is 6 inches taller in the summer than it is in winter. Does that mean there is a 3 inch difference either way in the spring or autumn? One of life’s mysteries that’s not really worth losing too much sleep over.

These “black people” (I should have perhaps written “French speakers with African heritage” but didn’t have the space) were actually just your typical tourist street sellers. It was our Daily Mail reading teachers who put the fear of God into us by saying they were all pick pockets.

Although I only managed to get to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, this nut job decides to jump off the first floor in just a pair of roller blades. And I say again – nut job…

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