Apr 072011

7th April 1986

Had a really long coach journey to Dover. When we got to Dover, we waited for about half an hour then got on the ferry!! The ferry was really rough and I was sick!! The ferry trip was about 2 hours and was horrid!!! The coach trip to our “2 star hotel” took ages!! In fact the whole journey took about 18 hours!!!!! I am sleeping in a room with a boy called “Wayne Lewis!!” 12.00am: All of us had a riot!

The School Trip to France. Day 1.

They do say that it’s journey that matters and not the arrival, although in this instance I would say that was a bunch of arse. I’m not a big fan of boats at the best of times but when a ferry crossing is accompanied¬† by strong¬† winds combined with the aroma of diesel and gutted fish there’s no real surprise when I’m reacquainted with my lunch.

So after 18 hours of travel on an empty stomach I think I was glad to finally stop moving for a while. I seem to remember the 2 star hotel not being too bad. By that I mean the mattress I slept on was dry and the water from the taps was wet. I always thought of Wayne as one of the popular kids, so I don’t know why he got lumbered with me.

The “riot” was really nothing more than a mass pillow fight. Kids eh? Not the sort of thing that would get us deported I’ll have you know.

This is how they advertise ferry crossings these days. I certainly don’t remember it being this swish. No mention at all of the ideal place to perform swell induced projectile vomiting.

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