Mar 192011

19th March 1986

In lunch time we had a meeting about the French trip. Mr Burns (the bloke in charge of the trip) said we weren’t allowed to buy any Alcohol or Tobacco! I was going to take one of my small bottles of Whisky but I’m not just in case I get caught!! After school, I went into “JCR” to buy Mum a Box of Chocs and the card. When I bought them I went with Paul to the hospital and gave them to her! (My Mum, not Paul!!)

It is unclear whether Mr Burns is indicating that we are not allowed to buy any booze or fags during our trip to France or just in general, in which case he’s stating the bleedin’ obvious as we’re all minors in the eyes of the law and as such would be putting the livelihoods of retailers in jeopardy and risking prosecution ourselves. That’s why as a child you should always get an adult to purchase your contraband for you (see 7th March) 🙂

I really should take the bottle of whisky on the French trip I think. Go on, take the whisky on the trip with you. Go on… Go on, take the frakin’ whisky on the frakin’ French trip you big frakin’ pussy!… Aaand rest…

Chocolates for my Mum. Aaaahhh bless. I seem to remember it was a lovely box of Black Magic. Classy stuff.

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